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LABEL Ripple Music

OUT May 21st, 2021


Two days ago was out the debut album from swedish band WYTCH, entitled EXORDIUM released on RIPPLE MUSIC

All band members reveal a strong background, being part of cult Swedish bands such as Otyg, Spacious Mind and Vintersorg.

WYTCH started their trip under the moniker Aska in the spring of 2016, while in 2017 the band released a four song EP.. In October 2020, they signed to Ripple Music changing at the same time their name to Wytch.

'Exordium' was recorded and produced by Niklas Viklund at Silverhäxan Studios in Skellefteå, and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at The Mixroom, Sundsvall in Sweden.

The artwork was designed by WYTCH vocalist Johanna Lundberg.

An interesting sound, a great blend of heavy riffs and doom, all enhanced by vocals of Johanna Lundberg.

We can feel clear echoes from the past; you can call it stoner, but this band is many other things..punk, post-punk, doom, hard rock, psych..the all things enhanced by a personal style and pushed by groovy bass lines of Simon Lundström.


1. Black Hole

2. Savior

3. Evil Heart

4. Blood

5. Warrior

6. Rebel

7. Break You Down

8. You


Johanna Lundberg VC

Simon Lundström BG VC

Niklas Viklund GT VC

Mattias Marklund GT VC

Fredrik Nilsson DR

Purple Sage PR

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