BAND Wreck-Defy


LABEL Punishment 18 Records

OUT Nov 27th, 2020


Canadian Wreck-defy began as a solo effort in 2016 by Matt Hanchuck, helped by Justin Steer to help with the vocals.

Songs written 20 years earlier were finally recorded and began to take shape.

Glen Drover was involved in the mixing and mastering of the album and was instrumental in having his brother Shawn play the drums on the album as a guest player.

The album FRAGMENTS OF ANGER was released independently and via Alone records on Vinyl in 2018.

After REMNANTS OF PAIN out in 2019, now they’re ready to unleash a new album out on Nov 27th, 2020 via PUNISHMENT 18 and entitled POWERS THAT BE.

BEYOND H8 is the first shot which, after a grandiloquent intro, starts with a furious old-school thrash attack; pressing drums and scratchin’vocals when it needs to enrich a brilliant tune.

The title-track, with driving bass line and after a drum roll, starts more classic, powerful and squared, before another thrash mad run.

We never get enough..their sound is brilliant and various, between thrash, more classic parts and stunning and extended solo parts.

Following SKIN is another ace, while DROWNING IN DARKNESS provides another rich menu.

They go on with SPACE URCHIN, with a sound more contemporary slung being at same time proud of the roots of the genre, while in SCUMLORD they confirm again themselves.

Honestly it’s difficult finding somethin’wrong in this platter and we have confirm in following GOODBYE TO MISERY, in the more old-school I AM THE WOLF before the outro ON THE OTHER SIDE ends in best way this brilliant album which we suggest without hesitation!!


1. Beyond H8 04:29

2. Powers That Be 07:14

3. Skin 04:41

4. Drowning in Darkness 06:08

5. Space Urchin 04:13

6. Scumlord 06:17

7. Freedomless Speech 05:53

8. Goodbye to Misery 05:10

9. I Am the Wolf 06:58

10. On the Other Side 01:03


Gunnar DuGrey Richardson

Doug Piercy

Geoff Thorpe

Kosta Varvatakis


Aaron Randall VC

Matt Hanchuck GT

Greg Christian BG

Dave O'Neal DR


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