BAND White Magician

ALBUM Dealers of Divinity

LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music

OUT November 20th, 2020


On November 20th will be out on CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC the first album by WHITE MAGICIAN which provides classic and mystical heavy rock with strong 70’s influences.

The title of first full-length, Dealers of Divinity, depicts three blind card dealers who are employed by an entity who controls the universe's behind-the-scenes gaming facility.

The dealers laugh at the earth's inhabitants' belief that they are free. They watch them line up and play at this game called "life" and grasp at the illusion that they can actually win. But, ultimately, it is an artifice of the highest degree. Their fate has already been determined by the dealers well before the game starts. It begs the ultimate question: Do we accept this destiny or will we fight to make our own?

This theme is the backdrop of White Magician's mystical blend of classic metal and '70s rock on Dealers of Divinity; a challenging array of stunning guitar work, helped by complex structures and “progressive” arrangements.

Originally formed in 2010, White Magician — featuring guitarist/vocalist The Great Kaiser, guitarist Mars Mysterio, bassist Mofang Tengrand and drummer Master Commandriani — has gradually honed their sound across three releases preceding Dealers of Divinity: 2016's The Pledge EP; 2017's Antipathy single, and 2018's split with The Great Kaiser's White Magician (not to be confused with this White Magician) and Prelude to Ruin.


1. Dealers of Divinity

2. Mad Magic II: In the Absence of Gods(Bad Magic)

3. Fading into the Obscurity of Ages

4. In Memoriam: Love and Magic (Magic and Love)

5. Magia Nostra

6. Power of the Stone

7. Spectre of a Dying Flame


The Great Kaiser - Six Stringed Wand, Sad Words

Mofang Tengrand - Low Magic, Reinforcement of Sad Words

Mars Mysterio - Six Stringed Wand

Drummer Master Commandriani - Master of Drums, Lead Strocker






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