BAND Whirlwind

ALBUM 1714

LABEL Fighter Records

OUT NOv 22nd, 2022


WHIRLWIND was born as a parallel project to KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR by Mark Wild (rhythm guitar), who in 2012 began to write songs highly influenced by the golden era of bands such as Running Wild, Accept or Helloween; anthemic songs with direct riffs, epic choruses and melodic and inspired solos.

Being on hiatus for years due to lack of time and pandemics, the band is completed with the brothers Jordi and Artur (drums and lead guitar) and Héctor Llauradó (vocals) to finish the album, recorded at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez and mastered by Partrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony with a 100% vintage sound.

"1714" is the debut album of WHIRLWIND that will be released through Fighter records next on November 22nd, 2022 on CD, 12" LP, Cassette & Digital formats.

After a cinematic intro, the first shot is THE CALL, a furious traditional HM attack, squared and powerful, followed by UNDER SIEGE, clearly Priests’ influenced, enriched by galloping parts, structured solo and great twin guitars passages.

REBELS ARISE! is an anthemic song, helped by pressing rhythm section, with fast gallops and furious solo parts.

TORTURE, KNIFE & FIRE shows an 80’s classic HM feeling not leaving its mark, while GALLOWS TITHE is a no-frills traditional HM tune.

We can appreciate more lilting CANNONS OF INFURIATION, followed by THE BASTAR* DUKE.

After two powerful and well-done IMMORTAL HEROES and RED SEPTEMBER, ECHOES OF TIME, with Priests’ and 80’s echoes again ends in the best way this great platter.



01. 1714 (Intro)

02. The Call

03. Under Siege

04. Rebels Arise!

05. Torture, Knife & Fire

06. Gallows Tithe

07. Cannons of Infuriation

08. The Bastard Duke

09. Immortal Heroes

10. Red September

11. Echoes of Time


Mark Wild RG

Artur LG

Héctor Llauradó VC

Jordi DR

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