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OUT April 9th, 2021


On their first studio album in eight years, entitled “Preserved in Time”, available on April 9th via CRUZ DEL SUR, Wheel, the well-known band from Germany, provides seven new doom tracks that you’ll appreciate.

Wheel was formed in 2006 in Dortmund by guitarist Benjamin Homberger, bassist Marcus Grabowski and vocalist Arkadius Kurek under the moniker “Ethereal Sleep”.

Homberger’s heart lied with heavy old-school doom metal in vein of Cathedral, Trouble and Saint Vitus. When drummer Carsten “Cazy” Jercke joined the band in 2009, a name — and sound — change was in order.

Jercke suggested “Wheel” not only because it was easier to pronounce in German language, but it also resembled the slowly-grinding mill wheel as heard in the intro of “Mills of God” on the band’s self-titled 2010 debut.

Wheel released their second studio album, Icarus, in 2013, but then underwent a period of inactivity.

The band lost their rehearsal space and real-life events like starting a family and new day jobs took precedence. However, this gave the members of Wheel, more time to fine-craft the songs that would eventually comprise Preserved in Time, their first new studio album in eight years and Cruz Del Sur Music debut.

Recorded by Homberger in the band’s rehearsal room and mixed and mastered by Dennis Koehne, Preserved in Time represents a bold step forward from Icarus for Wheel, especially in the production — the album is raw but is heavier and doomier.

According to Homberger, the Preserved in Time album title was inspired by the idea that time is a vessel, and all that happened is preserved as long as someone remembers.

This theme is reflected on the album’s gorgeous art nouveau-styled cover art featuring a woman holding an hourglass as either a symbol of reverence or burden — that is up to the listener to decide.

The first shot is AT NIGHT THEY COME UPON US, opened by a majestic intro, an epic/doom song proud of the roots of the genre but enhanced by a contemporary production; a brilliant song followed by WHEN THE SHADOW TAKES YOU OVER, where a deep doom is enriched by arpeggio interludes.

In AFTER ALL a sabbathian riff meets an epic mood, followed by brilliant SHE LEFT SILENCE, where solo parts are again brilliant.

AEON OF DARKNESS shows again a rich structure, opened by keyboards and acoustic GT, developing itself in another gem, with doom parts alternating with squared ones.

Last shot that ends in the best this platter is DAEDALUS..AN ALBUM TO SUGGEST WITHOUT HESITATION!!


Arkadius Kurek VC

Benjamin Homberger PGT

Marcus Grabowski BG

Carsten Jercke DR



01-At Night They Came Upon Us 6:48

02-When The Shadow Takes You Over 6:18

03-After All 5:44

04-She Left In Silence 6:05

05-Aeon Of Darkness 7:39

06-Hero Of The Weak 6:40

07-Daedalus 8:55

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