💿 Hello, it’ s a pleasure for us to have on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL Peter Ottoson of VOKONIS!

Hello and thanks for having us!

💿 Can you introduce us the current line-up of the band?

Yes I can! I’m the newest member in Vokonis (drums) so the first thing we had to do was getting Me and Vokonis ready for tour.

We had a tour with Skraeckoedlan booked so we rehearsed a lot and during that time we also began to try out some new stuff.

Usually Simon comes up with an idea and/or some riffs and then we begin to work on that. See what fits and what's ends up in the "save up for later" bin.

Cause Simon never presents a bad riff 🙂 its Jonte (bas) and me that don't get it the first time around haha.

💿On May 7th, 2021 was out by our new album ODYSSEY, positive received on our pages (https://www.hardrockheavymetal.info/post/vokonis-odyssey). Can you tell us somethin’ about its composition process and style?

We are really happy about how "Odyssey" turned out and were really happy about the recognition and all the good reviews and praise from fans.

Thats super cool! I also have to mention Per Wibergs work with the keys! It turned out better than we could have imagined.

💿 In your early times which artists or bands influenced you the most?

We come from a little bit of mixed background when it comes to music but its all in all more or less heavy rock or rock of some kind. speaking for myself I also listen to and get much inspiration from bands like Quicksand and Placebos earlier work. I love Steve Hewitts drumming on "Without You I'm Nothing" and "Black Market Music".

💿 Where does the name band come from?

The band name Vokonis is a mystery haha now one knows.

I guess it can be anything...

💿 In absence of live music many bands provid streaming concerts..You agree or disagree? What’s your opinion about?

I think we've done one streamed show and was scheduled to do a second that we turned down last minute.

Streamed gigs is not the way to go.

My personal opinion is that it sucks pretty hard! You want the fans the audience.

Without them we are nothing!

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!!

Take Care. Thanks for having me!

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