BAND Vanderlust


LABEL Rockshots Records

OUT April 15th, 2022


Cosmic metallers VANDERLUST (ft. members of S91, Dreal) are ready to unleash their self-titled debut album on April 15th, 2022 via Rockshots Records.​

Birthed to travel the cosmos, Italy's Vanderlust is a power HM band with prog-thrash influences that tells tales of space travels, astronomy, space engineer.

All the tracks are all different from each other.

Vanderlust shows different solutions, from fast thrash to slow and doom, from grunge elements to darker tracks.

Vanderlust's songs are complex even tough you can easily sing along to some of the choruses.

They’re particularly proud of the participation of opera singer Letizia Cappellini who does vocals on some tracks and helps the band to provide a richer sound.

The band also adds the presence of synths and electronic elements to the compositions to set the sci-fi mood of the lyrics.



​1. Intro (0:58)

2. High Hopes (3:34)

3. Orphan Planet (3:41)

4. Forgotten Breed (5:13)

5. The Last Ganymedian (3:45)

6. Scavengers Of Kuiper Belt (4:02)

7. Mass Effect Destruction (2:04)

8. Requiem For An Ancient World (4:59)

9. 3 Suns (4:44)

10. Dyson's Swarm (4:00)

11. Ringworld (3:26)

12. Ten Years Back (3:38)

13. Zima Blue (4:39)

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