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ALBUM 2020

LABEL Mascot Records

OUT 29/5/2920



After two brilliant studio album and an acoustic full-lenght, ADRIAN VANDENBERG provides a new band and a new album which we suggest to buy without hesitation.

This time he dusts off the logo of this first band, new drummer and bassist and, primarily, a new singer..RONNIE ROMERO.

Obviously he has chosen a real top player, a singer who makes you do a step ahead; in addition, as special guests, we can find RUDY SARZO on bass, BRIAN TICHY on drums and producer BOB MARLETTE on keyboards.

In this album the contribution of RONNIE ROMERO is absolutely amazing, thanks to amazing nine new songs and a cover of classic BURNING HEART, literally awesome.

Tasty riffs, a powerful production, great solos never self-referential, makes this 2020 one of the best things listened this year.

Something reminds us the influence of WHITESNAKE, such as SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT, the heavier FREIGHT TRAIN or SHOUT, somethin’ the influence of RAINBOW and RJ DIO (the more lilting HELL AND HIGH WATER, more lilting and epic); in LET IT RAIN we can find good musicality followed by stronger RIDE LIKE THE WIND.

Great heavy rock in SHITSTORM, followed by good rhythm of LIGHT UP THE SKY; amazing SKYFALL ends in the best way this brilliant platter.

HOPING TO SEE THIS BAND LIVE, after this covid madness..


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