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ALBUM Full Triumphed

LABEL Symmetric Records

Out Feb 2nd, 2022


Bob Katsionis' Symmetric Records proudly unleashed a few days ago the return of underground band VALIDOR, from Greece.

This is the new album after three studio albums: "In Blood In Battle" (2011), "Dawn Of The Avenger" (2012) and "Hail To Fire" (2016) and the re-issue of their debut album in 2020.

"Full Triumphed" continues the epic journey of VALIDOR, the band led by guitarist/singer/songwriter Odi "Thunderer" Toutounis; new nine songs telling stories of War, Ancient Greek Heroes, Roman Gladiators, Gods & Demons and even iconic 80's culture legends like the "Silverhawks" or Robocop on the track "Man Of Steel".

Producer Bob Katsionis handles the lead guitar, bass, and keyboard duties once more and the line-up is completed by drummer Apollo Giannoulis.

Artwork was once again made by Kostas Tsiakos ( also responsible for some great art behind Warlord, Born Of Fire, Dexter Ward and many more.

After a mighty intro, the first shot is SON OF FIRE, brilliant classic HM with a thrash touch, helped by thunderous drums and driving bass lines.

In MAN OF STEEL they are both pressing and epic, while in STRONG WINDS they show an epic/traditional HM gallop, enriched by a gorgeous solo; surely one of our favorite tracks.

BLOOD METAL LEGIONS is squared and powerful, on the trails of bands as Manowar.

They go on fast and furious with the speed of SILVERHAWKS and the epic GLADIATOR.

Great THE TEN THOUSAND and almost nine minutes of CONQUEST OF STEEL, opened by a fancy arpeggio, ends in the best way a welcome return that WE SUGGEST!!


1. Dawn Of New Age

2. Son Of Fire

3. Man Of Steel

4. Strong Winds

5. Blood Metal Legions

6. Silverhawks

7. Gladiator

8. The Ten Thousand

9. Conquest Of Steel


Odi Thunderer VC GT

Bob Katsionis LG BG KB

Apollo Giannoulis DR


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