TROYEN - ANTHOLOGY - (1981/2019)


BAND Troyen

ALBUM ANTHOLOGY - (1981/2019)


OUT 22/11/2019


In the last slice of 2019 was our a great anthology about TROYEN, a week-knows name on our pages and in the #nwobhm cult underground world.

About the band we said more throughout last years; alive between 1981 and 1982 and reborn since 2014, they were really present with many self released works.

Their 1981 demo was engineered by Gil Norton and it was his first studio job. The demo got them a contract with Neat records for a 3 track single and a possible LP. Troyen recorded some rough demo-tracks for the single but split-up in 1982 before any release.

Brazilian CLASSIC METAL put togheter EP “THE DEMO”, “FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED”, “STORM CHILD”, “A NEW DAWN” to spread to the masses an overall view of their classy hard’n’heavy.

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