THE ZOO - 2019


BAND THE ZOO - Official Italian Scorpions Tribute Band

ALBUM 2019 (EP)


OUT 7/2019

You know it..usually we don’t talk about tribute bands; much respect for them but honestly we prefer to bands which provide original music.

However in this case THE ZOO, the Official Scorpions Italian Tribute band, was out last July with a great EP with three new songs.

We can find THE CHAIN, where influences from Scorpions are easy to find, SEVEN SINS A WEEK, closer to modern hard rock sounds and more melodic THE SPACE WITHIN’ featurin’ italian legend ROBERTO TIRANTI (LABYRINTH, NEW TROLLS).

We remind that The Zoo was born in 2002.

Its goal has always been the maniacal search for sound, precision and attention to details in order to match the best German band of reference. In 2007, after five years of continuous work, in studio to refine the technique and in many live shows around Italy and abroad, this band from Milan was invited for a meeting by the founder of the Scorpions himself, Rudolf Schenker. After watching and listening to The Zoo's works during those years, he honored them with the great opportunity and responsibility to be the Official tribute band in Italy to Scorpions.

This acknowledgment and friendship was confirmed during the meeting with Scorpions in 2014 , 2015, 2018 and 2019.

To celebrate Italian Scorpions tour in 2015, The Zoo performed a special acoustic show on the beautiful stage of Teatro Smeraldo Eataly in Milan, before many fans and people. For this set-list the band rearranged many songs of Scorpions repertoire and made a live recording of the show.

In 2016 the band celebrated their 14th year of career, with great news: the creation, by the fans, of a Fan Club ( ), based in Italy but active all over the world. The purpose of the club is to make Scorpions and The Zoo fans interact and unite.

In 2017 The Zoo was invited by the Scorpions' guitarist, Matthias Jabs, to play for the 9th anniversary party of his prestigious guitar store in the center of Munich (Germany).

The band played in an overcrowded store before an audience from 19 different countries and shared the stage with Matthias for an impressive rendition of “Blackout” and “Bad Boys Running Wild”.

During the same year The Zoo was invited to take part in the annual Summer Festival in Jesolo (Venice - IT), where it played before a thousand people and achieved a big success and congratulation from the audience and organization.

In March 2018 Matthias Jabs called The Zoo for the second year in a row to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his famous guitar shop in Munich. During this event The Zoo had the pleasure and the honour to play with Matthias himself and also Mikkey Dee, Pawel Maciwoda and Ingo Powitzer in front of many people from all over the world (about 30 countries).

In July 2018 Scorpions played in Verona at the reknowned Arena and invited The Zoo for the show and to meet the all the band in the backstage.

Few days after The Zoo repeted the success of the previous year with a magic concert in Jesolo’s main square, one of the most famous seaside resort in Italy.

#pressagent Nicoletta Stocco

THE ZOO - Official Italian Scorpions Tribute Band

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