ALBUM Subterranean Exile

LABEL Cruz Del Sur Music

OUT April 24th, 2020OUR RATING 90/100

Australian The Wizar’d have long been one of doom’s best-kept secrets.

With “Subterranean Exile”, the band shows an awesome blend of classic and occult doom metal, enhanced by many tasty elements.

For their fourth studio album

The Wizar’d employed an audio alchemical process called “Arcane Metal Magick.”

It’s where sinister energy is converted by transmutation to a frequency form that can be held in a lower plane.

Originally formed in 2004 by guitarist/vocalist ‘Ol Rusty, The Wizar’d released a series of demos, singles and EPs before their first studio album, 2008’s Infernal Wizardry.

“Pathways into Darkness” would follow two years later, while “Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge” would see the light of day in 2013.

The original plan was to release the songs “Subterranean Exile” and “Master of the Night” as part of an EP shortly after the release of Ancient Tome, but, ‘Ol Rusty was greeted by a spectral voice who instructed him to go in a different direction.

He then spent the next eight years writing the rest of the album under the realization that true doom metal moves at a glacial pace.

The tracking for Subterranean Exile started in January 2018 at The Green Room in Hobart, while the rest of the album was recorded at Heavy Chains HQ and completed in May 2019.

Six songs divided by an instrumental interlude (EXSTATIC VISIONS..); the first shot is the title track that hit us, after a magnetic intro, with embracing vocals and short changes of time to enrich the classic sound of the band.

WIZARD’S REVENGE advances with noble gait and flows providing its heavy rock sound with Sabbath’s touch.

As a lilting March the song entertain us with two solo parts to remark and it will be a trademark of the whole platter.

Closer to classic Hm MASTER OF THE NIGHT, while LONG LIVE THE DEAD is again more lilting and develops naturally in an inspired solo; the track goes on and we all feel part of it.

EVIL IN MY HEART is more direct, never losing the magic touch of the band.

Over 7mis for DARK FORTRESS, where rhythm are less fast and more doomy, before a series of solos that leave us speechless.



1. Subterranean Exile 04:55

2. Wizard’s Revenge 05:59

3. Master of the Night 05:04

4. Ecstatic Visions Held Within the Monastic Tower 01:34

5. Long Live the Dead 05:58

6. Evil in My Heart 04:30

7. Dark Forces 07:05


Ol’ Rusty GT VC

Blackie BG

Master of the Night GT

Maniac Frodsham Drums

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