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ALBUM The Devil You Know - Live

LABEL Steamhammer

OUT Nov 12th, 2021


The new live album by THE UNITY, entitled THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - LIVE will be out on Nov 12th, 2021 on SPV/STEAMHAMMER.

The band, consisting of Gamma Ray members Henjo Richter (guitar), Michael Ehré (drums) and bandmates Gianbattista Manenti (vocals), Stef (guitar), Jogi Sweers (bass) and Sascha Onnen (keyboards) are set to release their first live album as a very own reaction to the lockdown and covid madness.

Someone may feel that it’s early to bring out a live album after only three studio full-lenght, but after two terrible years this is the right medicine to hope in a 2022 full of concerts.

‘The Devil You Know – The Unity Live’ was recorded between 2017 and 2020 during tours through Germany and Europe, both at shows in small venues and at big festivals such as the Masters Of Rock in the Czech Republic and in Germany at the Karlsruhe Knockout Festival and the Bang Your Head in Balingen.

The track listing focuses on material from their albums ‘The Unity’ (2017) and ‘Rise’ (2018), but in ‘We Don't Need Them Here’ also includes the single release from their third album ‘Pride’ (2020), a song which was discussed controversially at the time of its release and was one of the highlights of their tour with Rhapsody Of Fire.

‘The Devil You Know – The Unity Live’ shows skilled musicians, bursting with enthusiasm and proving their impressive live presence not only with their greatest hits ‘No More Lies’, ‘The Storm’, ‘Never Forget’ and ‘The Willow Tree’, but also in direct contact with the audience, thanks in particular to frontman Gianbattista Manenti, a talented singer maybe second only to RONNIE ROMERO in contemporary hard rock scene.


Gianbattista Manenti VC

Michael Ehre DR

Henjo Richter GT

Stef E GT

Jogi Sweers BG

Sascha Onnen KB


01. Revenge 1:21

02. Last Betrayal 4:22

03. No Hero 6:00

04. No More Lies 5:11

05. Welcome Home 4:41

06. Firesign 5:47

07. The Storm 5:54

08. We Don´t Need Them Here 3:58

09. The Willow Tree 5:09

10. You Got Me Wrong 5:09

11. Close To Crazy 3:54

12. Never Forget 8:32

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