After five years (Oct 23rd, 2015 - Dec 4th, 2020) it’s time to end this project which I loved since first day.

We had the chance, helped by a small but amazing staff, to make hundreds of interviews, reviews, specials, live reports, giving space to our passions.

I’m really proud to giving space to underground, especially to NWOBHM, TRADITIONAL HM and classic Hard Rock bands.

Firstly I wanna thank you, almost 3 million of impressions in the past year..for us it was an amazing outcome.

But this mad 2020 was difficult for all, for our health, for our job, for our friends and relatives...sadly..also for passions.

I was lucky both for job and health, but this stressful year has kept us on our toes.

We have not enough time, we are held in check..In the next few days/weeks we will close our website and socials and maybe will be still present only with our Instagram page, altough in thumbnail form.

There were so many projects in the logo, a new radio show, a printable fanzine...BUT THE TIME WASN’T RIGHT.

Thanks for over 50 promoters and labels that believed in us, but thanks also to promoters and labels that never believed in us..maybe, we weren’t ready for another quantum leap.

Thanks to many artists and bands become good friends over the years.

However I will continue to follow our loved music, to buy stuff and to go to concerts, when it will be possible.

Life goes on..we hope for better days.

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