LABEL Dying Victims Productions

OUT Jan 28th, 2022


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is ready to unleash the debut album of TENSION, from Leipzig, east Germany, entitled “Decay”, avalaible on CD, vinyl and cassette

TENSION was founded in 2015 by vocalist Maik H. and guitarist Phil. M.; the band was then rounded out by ex-members of Toxic Beast and Germany’s Prowler.

From the beginning main influences were the First Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal, NWOBHM,HM from the Eastern Block l and also punk music.

TENSION released their self-titled debut EP on Dying Victim too in 2017; next that shard stages with classic masters such as Manilla Road, Satan, Pagan Altar, Tokyo Blade and Alien Force, among others.

The opener OPEN THE GATES reminds influences from bands of first era of NWOBHM, with interesting tempo changes, a great structure and a brilliant solo part.

We can find faster episodes, such as HELLFLIGHT and AGE OF THE STARS, or more rhythmic such as COSMIC GAZE, while in BLACK KNIGHTS they provide the authenticity of NIGHT DEMON.

A debut with no fillers, a band to keep an eye on.


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