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BAND Tales and Legends


LABEL Punishment 18 Records

OUT Sept 24th, 2021


Tales and Legends is a band out together by songwriter Andrea Atzori, mastermind of Ancient Knights - Metal Opera, a project shared with other songwriters.

After the release of the first album with Ancient Knights, Andrea want a new project in which to write and compose new material, with a more epic/power flavour.

With his longtime mate Carlo Figus (guest in Ancient Knights) give life to Tales and Legends.

Later, Andrea involves the bassist Nicola Piras (Rial / Virgin Killers) and drummer Michele Sanna (Coma / Shardana), the latter known for collaborations with Turilli / Lione Rhapsody, Primal Fear, Soundstorm, among others.

Finally, Swedish brigand vocalist Patrik J. Selleby (Bloodbound / Sahadowquest) joins the band.

Struggle of the Gods tells the epic journey of Horus, the falcon god.

After years of fighting his uncle, Set, Horus decides to go to the oracle to find out what to do.

The oracle advises him to ask for help to form an army capable of defeating Set.

So he sets out in search of new gods, heroes and warriors.

First he goes to Greece to ask Zeus for help. There He's received by the beautiful Artemis who accompanies him in the presence of the King of the Gods. Zeus, however, decides not to grant him help.

So Horus heads north to ask Odin for help.

Artemis, who had fallen in love with him, decides to follow him.

Odin decides to help the young Hawk but agrees to make his contribution only if he was worthy.

So he organizes the Seven Gates tournament.

Horus was supposed to fight in 7 different arenas by defeating 7 of the strongest warriors of the Northern lands.

Once past the last gate he should have beaten the mighty Thor.

During the fight, Horus realizes that he is facing an opponent stronger than him, mainly due to the fact that for many years he had not been able to unleash the strength and use of his wings.

So Odin interrupts the tournament without decreeing a real winner, but having understood that Horus had stood up to his son Thor, without having used all his strength, he decides to help him considering him worthy.

Odin helps Horus to find the strength within himself and to free his wings to finally be able to fly again.

After that Horus, Artemis and a horde of northern warriors head to Egypt to challenge Set and his army.

An epic battle that lasted 10 days but after so much bloodshed, Horus would sit on the throne that, before him, had belonged to his father Osiris.

Eleven songs in this brilliant album opened by CREATION DIVINE, a long speech with a cinematic touch.

Stylistically we can find many interesting things, among which a distinct epic touch, neoclassic passages, a clear and powerful production which exalts their sound, power metal drops such as in LAND OF THUNDER, brilliant vocals entanglements.



Creation Divine

Epic Ride of Horus

The Fighters

Tales and Legends

Holy Temple

Land of Thunder

The Seven Gates

Return to Fly

Flames of the Fire

United Against the Enemy

Struggle of the Gods


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