Suspended part two...

Hardrockheavymetal have been suspended for another week on Fb, the second, obviously without any reason.

We go on on Instagram, Twitter, Vk and website for one week again. But if we’ll have another break, after over five years, maybe will be time to write the word END to this project.

Sadly, without visibility of FB, there’s no point in going on.

So it became for us difficult to continue, we can’t waste time; it’s no use manage reviews, interviews, news every day if readers can’t read them.

It’s a pity, anyway no hard feelings.


“Le storie della tua Pagina non vengono mostrate nella sezione Notizie. Questo potrebbe essere dovuto ad attività della tua Pagina che non rispettano le normative di Facebook. Questa limitazione è temporanea e scadrà: Lunedì 30 novembre 2020 alle ore 22:47”

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