BAND Stormchild ALBUM LIGHTNING NEVER STRIKES TWICE LABEL SKOL RECORDS OUT 22/11/2019 OUR RATING 85/100 Already interviewed on our pages (, now it’s time to talk about the long-awaited LIGHTNING NEVER STRIKES TWICE. Produced by not forgotten Chris Tsangarides, STORMCHILD shows an unique style, so different from many bands born in NWOBHM, with keyboards as starring. We were really impressed listening to the richness of sound and production, since first tune NO CHANCES, between prog and pomp rock and with a solo really and fancy! RIDERS ON THE RAIN shows again a prog soul, with bass and keyboards in pole position; a song which grows second after second with a solo again to remind. In LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION they start with keys and polyphonic vocals, reminding us somethin from best URIAH HEEP, one of the masters able to mix prog and hard rock. In LEAD US INTO TEMPTATION the melodic side of the band prevails and vocals are absolutely brilliant. Stronger next WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN, an heavy rock song with awesome solo parts by keys and guitar. Dreamin’ mood in...DREAMER; another song in continuous growth which remind us somethin’ from URIAH HEEP in the first era. More rhythm in ROCKIN’ STEADY and in CAN’T STAND THE HEAT. If STAY WITH ME is more easy-listening, in SANDS OF TIME they return to push. Last two shots are WHAT TO TRY and HALLOWEEN, structured and enriched by a long runaway and a smashing solo. IT’S WORTH THE WAIT..ONE OF OUR FAVS NEWS FROM NWOBHM SCENE!!

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