BAND Sorcery

ALBUM Stunt Rock Soundtrack

LABEL RidingEasy Records

OUT July 15th, 2022


In the 70’s SORCERY delivered next level performances in which a battle ensued on stage between illusionists portraying Merlin versus Satan.

These LA hard rockers integrated live magic, theatrical drama and fourth wall breaking performance for new heights in musical storytelling.

Sorcery consists of professional musicians — the core group being guitarist Richard (Smokey) Taylor, vocalist Greg Magie and bassist Richie King — two magicians also perform on stage when they play live. The band’s nearly immediate local popularity from their debut in 1975 also made them in demand for film and TV. Enter: Stunt Rock.

Way before Jackass, before Crocodile Dundee, contemporaneous with Kiss Meets The Phantom of The Park and as timeless as classic Heavy Metal, there was Stunt Rock. The 1978 low budget, high concept B-movie integrated hard rock, magic, dangerous stunts and an early form of mockumentary filmmaking into an epic feature film about an Australian stunt man reunited with his American cousin (and Sorcery member) in L.A., and all Hell breaks loose.

Sorcery composed the soundtrack — which also served as the band’s debut album — and were shown performing songs throughout the film.

What really affect us is the level of music; 70’s hard rock with great solos, psych touches at times, influences from Alice Cooper and Ted explosive mix..

Official Soundtrack: Stunt Rock will be released digitally on July 15th, 2022 and on vinyl as an authentic reproduction of the original gatefold album cover on February 28th, 2023 via RidingEasy Records.

To recommend!


Sacrifice 4:40

Wizard's Council 4:49

Talking To The Devil 4:07

Burned Alive 4:11

Book Of Magic 3:05

Stuntrocker 3:17

Mark Of The Beast 3:19

The Bird Song 3:42

Wicked City 4:19

Woman 3:12

Power Mad 3:18

Palmer Turner Overdrive

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