#live BAND Solar Flare ALBUM SOLAR FLARE LABEL SELF REALASE OUT 23/5/2020 OUR RATING 83/100 SOLAR FLARE is a classic metal band from Cincinnati, Ohio ready to unleash a self released album On May 23rd, 2020. We can hear many influences in the background of the band since first MEDIEVAL, a great traditional HM song with epic touch, which blows the trumpet of its own arrival, kicking right in with strong riffs and synths, thanks to guest keyboardist Peter Danielsen from Legend of Valley Doom. The band shows a good chemistry, especially between two axes Mark Greene and Garian Perry, but also with rhythm section and vocals by ETHAN JACKSON. UNDER THE SUN is a classic shot, with a Manilla Road touch and with a brilliant solo to end the song. More direct BORN TO BURN, again with a blistering solo, while PHARAOH is surely one of our favs, lilting in first slice but growing second after second..a smart example of traditional HM, with amazing solo and a central part with a psych touch. NOUS SOMMES provides more rhythm, with great structures and dreamin’ atmospheres, while TAKEN TO THE OTHER SIDE is both brilliant and embracing. The last ace is WORLD IN MY HEAD, with 7 mins lenght; a rich song that ends In the best way this album. TO SUGGEST..OHIO ROCKS!! LINE UP Ethan Jackson VC Mark Greene GT Garian Perry GT Cody Bowling BG Jordan Cavalaris DR Guest: Peter Danielsen KB (“Medieval”) TRACKLIST 1. Medieval 2. Under the Sun 3. Born to Burn 4. Pharaoh 5. Nous Sommes 6. Taken to the Other Side 7. World In My Head

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