ALBUM Rock'n'Roll Rats

LABEL Fighter Records

OUT 25/2/2020


SLOWBURN was formed in 2015 as a side project by Serra (Jorge Serrano, bass player in Rancor), who wants to use his more classic compositions to form a new Heavy Metal band.

He recruited Jorge Sáez (Drums, Rancor), David M. Romeral (Voice, Ariete) and Óscar Hernández (Lead Guitar, Motociclón) and as a quartet they recorded a demo with two tracks.

After that, Mario Cano (Lead Guitar, Roar) is incorporated and they begin to play live.

The two firsts shows were opening for Leather Heart and Cloven Hoof and after that the band started their first album recording. David left the band in 2017, being replaced by JC Warrior (Vocals, Metal Legion) who makes his debut supporting Witchtower in Madrid (2018).

That same year SLOWBURN participated in Skulls of Metal Festival (Jaen) sharing the stage with Grim Reaper.

In autumn 2019, SLOWBURN completes the recording of their debut album “Rock’n’Roll Rats” and get signed to Fighter Records that will release it on CD format on 25th of February 2020.

A smart album since first song STILL IN THE FIGHT; a great mix of HEAVY ROCK and CLASSIC HM with maiden’s drops.

All sounds good in CLEVER THAN YOU, a solid heavy rock song with solo parts to remark.

Pressing drums and roaring bass in METALLIST, example of solid classic metal while more lilting seems the title track.

HEAD IN A BOX is a great Hard Rock song with an heavy blues mood, great solo parts and vocals always effectives.

A lot of influences in next RUN OUT, while VICTIMS OF AMBITION, proud and grandiloquent, shows a more complex structure.

If NIGHT PROTECTORS reminds the best SAXON, VIGILANTES is the great shot that ends in the best way this great platter.



JC Warrior VC

Óscar Hernández GT

Mario Cano GT

Jorge Serrano BG

Jorge Sáez DR



Fighter Records

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