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LABEL Gatesofhellrecords

OUT 24/4/2020


And finally on April 24th will be out the debut full-lenght by SÖLICITÖR, entitled SPECTRAL DEVASTATION. level quality speed metal but not only because in this platter we can find many other things.

Since their 2018 formation, the band from Seattle has been honing their speed/thrash hybrid to be dynamic and unpredictable.

Recorded in late 2019 and early 2020 at Hangar 12 Studios with Cody J. Brumlow, Sölicitör found themselves under the gun to complete the album.

By virtue of regular show/tour obligations, travel time between Portland and Seattle, the members of Sölicitör (completed by the guitar duo consisting of Matthew Vogan and Patrick Fry, bassist Damon Cleary-Erickson and drummer Johann Waymire) trusted their gut instincts.

This condensed timeframe allowed Sölicitör to emerge with an album that goes in several different directions while remaining true to the band’s speed metal trademarks, such as dual guitar harmonies, double-tracked vocal melodies, dynamic drum beats, while further providing darker more melodic guitars, when it needs.

First BLOOD REVELATIONS starts a furious and rich speed metal attack, enhanced by a pressing rhythm section, by a riffing direct and embracing; but next they are a bit less fast and more lilting again, with a blistering solo part to remark.

BETRAYER shows in the first slice an attitude more epic, thanks to an Amy Lee Carson in a state of grace, growing more powerful before a solo fast and technical which hit us.

More complex structure in the RED QUEEN that starts in waitin’ becoming more epic. It sounds classic, solo parts are effectives, thanks to great twin guitar harmonies.

More direct LEATHÜR STREETS with its roaring bass, dynamic drums job, changes of time and solo parts again to remark.

An arpeggio open NIGHT VISION, followed by a solid and squared riff; more rockin’ at times before a strong metallic runaway.

More direct next TERMINAL FORCE too, while SPECTRES OF WAR is a nervous speed metal attack, sinister at times, with an a awesome job by two guitars.

GRIP OF THE FIST is another speed metal track, direct and pressing, with great changes of time..the best way to end this great platter!

SÖLICITÖR..another album (vinyl) to buy..ONE OF OUR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEAR!!


Amy Lee Carlson VC

Matthew Vogan GT

Patrick Fry GT

Damon Cleary - Erickson BG

Johann Waymire DR


1. Blood Revelations

2. Betrayer

3. The Red Queen

4. Leathür Streets

5. Night Vision

6. Terminal Force

7. Spectres of War

8. Grip Of The Fist

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