BAND Rhabstallion


LABEL GoldenCore Records

OUT March 12th, 2021


It’s really crazy when a band such as RHABSTALLION, the cult underground #nwobhm band, is out with its first full-lenght after 40 years from its birth.

But now it’s true..BACK IN THE SADDLE is finally out and is in our hands.

13 songs in the cd version and 16 in the double LP vs, after three demos and one single out in the first slice of eighties.

Trust me on this-it was worth it!!

The first shot is NEVER SAY NEVER with its flowing hard rock, followed by DRIVING SEAT, another great example of British hard rock that grows second after second, enriched by fancy harmonies and by an inspired solo part.

Sons of the working class and.. WORKING NIGHTS is the perfect title, while NOWHERE LEFT TO FALL, opened by a fancy arpeggio, alternates harder parts and melodic ones.

EYE OF THE NEEDLE sees the band self-confident, while HARD LUCK MAN is another rockin’ tune which you’ll love it.

DAY TO DAY starts with a hint of solos and it’s one of the more structured songs of the entire platter, followed by shaded NELLIE BLY.

STRANGER STRANGER shows a great blend of hard rock and NWOBHM impulses, and the first words of the songs, “DON’T TALK NO POLITICIANS TALK TO ME” are as topical as ever today..

After REAL WORLD and SIOUX CHILD, a bit heavier, eighties hard rock of STAND UP and DAYGLO DISCO end in the best way an album that we suggest without hesitation.



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