LABEL Sliptrick Records

OUT Jan 22nd, 2021


Canada’s progressive prog Red Cain is ready to unleash their new album “Kindred: Act II” set for digital release on January 22, 2021.

The CD physical release will be done by Sliptrick Records at a later date in the new year. The upcoming full length continues and ends the band's storytelling of their Kindred saga.

Singer Evgeniy Zayarny adds:

"Here we go, friends - the pre-order for our next LP "Kindred: Act II" is LIVE! Thank you for your belief in our work. Ride on with us on the second half of the "Kindred" saga - this mad march toward the Sun. Experimental, aggressive, and recognizably Red Cain in its style, “Kindred: ACT II” picks up and expands on the events from our previous album, centralizing the story around the Aztec warrior Zalcoatl, ritually chosen to save his people, and trapped inside an alien pyramid to battle a hungry, unearthly Lovecraftian entity that plans to use him to be released into the world beyond its archaic prison."

Red Cain released its debut self-titled EP in November 2016 to rave reviews from a variety of publications such as Dead Rhetoric, MetalUnderground, and Firewind magazine, among many others. Red Cain’s EP had the honour of winning Metal Recording of the Year at the 2017 YYC Music Awards.

The band has a strong emerging fanbase around the world, being named one of the top 200 bands of 2016 by Headbangers Latinoamerica and the EP’s cover art selected as one of 2016’s 15 best by Metal Underground.

Red Cain’s first full-length album “Kindred: Act I” was released in March 2019 to a variety of excellent reviews internationally, reaching #1 on Canadian College Radio Earshot Loud charts and establishing the band as a force in the Canadian metal scene, and landing the band a distribution deal with European label Sliptrick Records. A variety of festival appearances at Loud As Hell Metal Festival, Hyperspace Metal Festival, and Canada Wacken Competition have served to cement that status. Red Cain’s music videos for “Juliet” and “Zero” have to date garnered 11 international film festival awards, including the Music Video Award at the Accolade Global Film Competition.

This new album is opened by KINDRED, a brilliant tune with different influences, from power/prog to elettro-rock.

It’s enriched by an interesting solo, a well-groomed production and cinematic mood.

A sound carpet opens following DEMONS, with brilliant vocals and the right vibe, reminding us somethin’ from best THE CULT.

PRECIPICE OF MAN is a song which grows second after second, while BALTIC FLEET is another right shot.

In VARYAG AND THE SHRIKE we can find a good blend of many elements..tempo changes, more melodic or heavier parts, a great solo..really interesting!!

After brilliant SONS OF VELES, the last shot is SUNSHINE (BLOOD SUN EMPIRE), an heavy and sharp tune that ends in the best way an album which you’ll surely appreciate!!


1. Kindred (5:06)

2. Demons (4:40)

3. Precipice of Man (5:18)

4. Baltic Fleet (4:53)

5. Varyag and The Shrike (5:54)

6. Sons of Veles (5:01)

7. Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire) (5:49)


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