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ALBUM Spreading The Plague

LABEL Steamhammer / SPV

OUT Sept 30th, 2022


In time for their co-headlining tour alongside Brainstorm in October and November 2022 and as a starter, RAGE,consisting of singer/bassist Peavy Wagner, guitarists Jean Borman and Stefan Weber and Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos on drums are set to launch their ‘Spreading The Plague’ EP on Steamhammer/SPV on Sept 30th, 2022, featuring three previously unreleased new songs as well as three exciting bonus tracks.

‘Spreading The Plague’ consists of the songs ‘To Live And To Die’, ‘Spreading The Plague’ and ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’, all three from the production phase of Rage’s 2021 album ‘Resurrection Day’ and previously unreleased, material deliberately held back for this special gift.

The first single from ‘Spreading The Plague’ is ‘To Live And To Die’ and turns out to be a fast-paced up-tempo number with catchy guitar parts chorus.

The second track on ‘Spreading The Plague’ is the eponymous title song, featuring a triplet arrangement with Rage’s typically outstanding guitar work. The third brand-new song is called ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’, a fast and aggressive piece.

The new EP is complemented by three bonus tracks: ‘A New Land’ is a new unplugged version; ‘The Price Of War 2.0.’ was first released a few months ago as a digital single including video clip to introduce new band members Jean Borman and Stefan Weber, but has not yet been available on any physical record, same as the Rage classic ‘Straight To Hell’, a live stream from the Balve Cave venue in July 2020.


Peavy Wagner (vocals, bass)

Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums)

Stefan Weber (guitars)

Jean Borman (guitars)


01 - To Live And To Die 4:08

02 - Spreading The Plague 4:47

03 - The King Has Lost His Crown 4:29

04 - A New Land (Acoustic Version) 3:29

05 - The Price Of War 2.0 4:08

06 - Straight To Hell (Live From The Cave)



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