BAND Rückwater


LABEL Inverse Records

OUT July 23rd, 2020


Demonstrating their rough sound in previous EP Bonehead, finnish stoner band Rückwater is ready to release their debut album entitled “Supernova”, out on INVERSE RECORDS on July 23rd.

The album provides a great blend of heavy rockin songs and more mellow tunes.

The power-trio’s sound comes from heavy riffs combined with two lead singers enhanced by a dynamic drumming.

The story of Rückwater started in 2010 when the loudest men in the band Make (vocals/guitar) and Jussi (vocals/bass) hit their stonehead`s together.

In 2011 band went to studio to record several songs in ”So far Out..-sessions. When the band members other bands went on hiatus or ended, Rückwater kept on going forward. In the year 2013 the band recorded their second EP ”What´s In The Box?”.

In early 2016 Rückwater begin to record their third EP “Bonehead”.

It was recorded live like the first EP “So Far Out”. Recording live is the most natural thing for the band.

Also Supernova was recorded live to catch the groove of the band.

The first shot is RAT IN THE JAR, between seventies hard rock and indie mood, followed by CRUEL THING with its doom sound and great texture.

If in the title track we can feel somethin closer to AUDIOSLAVE, we can appreciate next ONCE WITH MORE FEELING.

Great texture in BROKEN STONE, while in FOREVERPLAY we can find sometin heavier.

An arpeggio and fancy vocals to open BLINDFOLD, a track which grows second after song, while PARAGON OF BULLSHIT is maybe a step behind.

Last two shots are ROCKET FUEL and 3/1, a more mature song which ends in the best way this platter that we suggest!


01. Rat in a Jar

02. Cruel Thing

03. Supernova

04. Once More With Feeling

05. Broken Stone

06. Foreverplay

07. Blindfold

08. Paragon of B.S

09. Rocket Fuel

10. 3/1


Jussi Vehman VC BG

Markku MacKone VC GT

Jarno MacKone DR





Inverse Records

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