💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal PYRAMIDO!! Welcome!!

It´s our pleasure. Let´s do this!

💿 On Sept 27th, 2019 was out your new platter called FEM, positive received on our pages. Can you tell us somethin'about its composition process and style?

Really happy you seem to be enjoying the record, thanks!

Well the process has been going on almost since our last album Vatten cameout in 2016.

How songs come out is a mixture of chance and planning.

At the time I was working at a school and had a lot of time doing different things.

One of those things was strumming an acoustic guitar so a lot of the music was written on acoustic guitar, using more open chords and less of the power chords we usually use.

So in a way I think the guitar work on this one is more mellow.

Then when these ideas are presented in the rehearsal space it gets Pyramidofied.

But yeah, productionwise we went for a more listenable production, tried to create more air.

If you listen beyond everything else you will hear that this is our "Black album", so to speak, haha.

💿 This new album was out via THE SIGN RECORDS; can you tell us somethin' about relationships with them?

Can´t tell you that much yet since this is our first record with them and it´s yet to be released.

We´ve known Kaj (from the Sign) from around the DIY underground scene here in Sweden and yeah..we made it happen together.

It’s going to be exciting to see what happens, this is our first time working with a PR-company for instance.

💿 You're located in different places and you have a regular daily life..did you expect you would run this band for so long?

People seem to like talking about us being located in different places, haha. It´s not true any more, we used to be but now we all live in the same city, Malmö.

I don´t really know what we expected, suddenly ten years went by and we are still going.

💿 Can you tell us somethin'about the birth of your passion for music? Which bands and artists have influenced you the most?

Oh, though question. Hard to mention any bands. I think for most of us the whole punk/hardcore DIY-scene is where a lot of values come from I´m kinda curious what kind of person I would be if it wasn´t for the DIY-scene cause I think it translates in so many different aspects in your life and how you view the world.

Maybe sounds cheesy but as a youngster I was very inspired by Henry Rollins "Get in the van"-book with that whole ethos of fuck-it-lets-make-it-happen.

As to bands and stuff, we listen to so much music as a unit so it would be hard to pinpoint specific bands.

I think all of us are intoold american crust punk.

Lets put it this way, no one gets sad when we listen to Disrupt in the van.

💿 The real "news" in music industry is the return of VINYL AND CASSETTE; what's your feeling about these classic format and the current music "business"?

Can´t say much about it. To me it seems like the music business is the same it´s always been and that has infected even the DIY-culture.

It seems to be so much more about branding these days, even for underground bands. When we started out we made a point of not presenting us in a generic doom metal kind of way.

Not going for big stacks of orange amplifiers and copying occult imagery from a certain british band. Thinking back on it we might have made the wrong decision? At least we stayed true to our vision. I like all formats. We also have the new album out on minidisc!_

💿 You're a brilliant musician with a lot of experience and youhave the chance to share the stage with many artists and bands. Who were the craziest which you met?

Hehe, don´t know about being brilliant, but thanks! Sorry to tell you we dont have any tales to tell about more "famous" bands we played with But we´ve met some characters over the years, it´s more been "fans" acting crazy. Nothing that translates well here.

We met some crazy people when we played this crusty campsite in Switzerland, imagine a more fucked up punk version of Trailer park boys and you´ll be close to the vibe of that place!

💿Thank you so much for your time!

Thank you, really appriciate your time as well.


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