BAND Nothing Sacred


LABEL Rockshots Records

OUT July 16th, 3021


Australian thrash HM band Nothing Sacred is ready to unleash its new effort entitled NO GODS, set for release via Rockshots Records on July 16th, 2021.

Born in Melbourne in 1983, Nothing Sacred went on hiatus for two decades. During the 80s, the thrash/speed metal band unleashed their EP "Deathwish".

In 1988 they published a full-length entitled "Let Us Prey" via Cleopatra Records, but a year after the band disbanded.

Lead guitarist Mark Woolley, bassist Karl Lean and drummer Sham went on to contribute to Hobbs' Angel of Death's early work in the late 1980s.

Woolley also appeared on Hobbs' first self-titled album in 1988.

Vocalist Mick Burnham later joined short-lived Melbourne band Seizure in 1993.

In 2012, Nothing Sacred performed a series 30th anniversary shows with Ross Percy (Ion Drive, Little House Godz) joining George Larin on guitar that included a support slot for ex-Iron Maiden singers Paul Di'Anno/Blaze Bayley Australian tour.

Despite the success, the band agreed not to continue and returned to retirement.

In 2015, the band decided to re-activate with a lineup of Sham, Karl Lean, George Larin, Ross Percy, and new vocalist Chris Stark. A slot on Melbourne's Brewtality Metal Festival received positive reviews before the band embarked on a short tour of Japan, which inspired them to continue and lead the band to headline day one of the Steel Assassins Festival in Sydney.

Line-up changes again slowed the band, but with the addition of James Davies now on vocals and Stu Bedford on guitar, the band spent most of 2019 and 2020 writing and recording, what is now to be their first full length in over 30 years.

Ten songs in this new platter opened by FINAL CRIME, a classic thrash song enriched by great structure and classic HM touches.

More lilting and more classic VIRUS, enhanced by a brilliant solo, followed by faster and rhythmic COLDBLACK.

We love FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS, where there’s no shortage of musicality or powerful parts.

On more thrash side KILLING YOU, while FALSE PROPHETS, more groovy, will enjoy us.

Embracing thrash riff in ICE, while CULT is maybe a step behind.

Last two shots are ORACLE and more complex STONER that ends in the best way an album that WE SUGGEST!


1. Final Crime (3:41)

2. Virus (4:22)

3. Cold Black (3:38)

4. First World Problems (4:15)

5. Killing You (3:34)

6. False Prophets (4:00)

7. Ice (3:31)

8. Cult (4:38)

9. Oracle (3:32)

10. Stoner (5:27)


Stu Bedford GT

James Davies VC

Karl Lean BG

Sham DR

George Larin GT


Asher Media Relations

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