LABEL Dying Victims Productions

OUT Aug 27th, 2021


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is ready to unleash fourth album of Germany’s band NOCTURNAL, Serpent Death, available on CD, vinyl LP and music cassette formats.

Led by founding guitarist Avenger, NOCTURNAL set about their prolific course with a flurry of demo tapes and splits with the likes of Nunslaughter, Vomitor, Bestial Mockery, and Toxic Holocaust among others, all culminating in their Arrival of the Carnivore debut album in 2005.

Back then, hailing the old Teutonic gods of thrash – namely the “Big Three” of Sodom, Kreator, and Destruction, but not withstanding Deathrow, Assassin, Exumer, Darkness, Violent Force, and Necronomicon as well as Razor and early Sepultura abroad – was rather unfashionable, but it was NOCTURNAL who had the last laugh, as the second worldwide thrash resurgence was about to begin, and there they stood, undaunted and defiant.

The second LP Violent Revenge was out in 2009 while Storming Evil was out in 2014.

By then, lineup troubles had begun to touch the band and slow their career.

But after a long wait now it’s time for new SERPENT DEATH, where NOCTURNAL sound more energetic than ever, revitalized and ripping and defying their seemingly advanced age.

A great example of old-school blackened thrash which you’ll appreciate.



1. Black Ritual Tower 08:01

2. ...from Terminal Death 03:40

3. Beneath A Steel Sky 02:17

4. Faceless Mercenaries 04:34

5. Bleeding Heaven 04:24

6. Damnator's Hand 05:29

7. Circle of Thirteen 06:25

8. Void Dweller 03:03

9. Suppressive Fire 06:09

10. The Iron Throne 03:16

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