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OUT Nov 6th, 2020


In 2018, Neptune, one of the pioneers of NWOSWM era, released an aggregate back catalog of 80’s recordings and demos.

In the last slice of 2017, a Greek record company managed to get hold of one of the members of the band and asked if the they would like to release the old recordings on both CD and vinyl.

Of course, the band was not late to step up and 30 years after the band entered the studio, they finally got to keep the desirable vinyl in their hands.

The band has since then released a digital EP and as guest guitars on the recording they used Janne Stark (Overdrive, Grand Design).

The first gig takes place at The Abyss thanks to faithful fans who have more or less managed the booking. The band's first festival play toke place at Muskelrock in June 2019.

The band today consists of Row Alex - vocal, Tosh Ason - bass, Anders Olsson – guitar, Johan Rosth - keyboards and Jonas Wikström – Drums and on the album Northern Steel they invited a couple of their friends as well.

After the original singer Ray sadly passed away back in January 2019, the band took a break to gather. The grief and the uncertainty were total but eventually Rays brother Roland decided to take over the role as a singer.

NORTHERN STEEL will be out on Nov 6th via BLACK LODGE RECORDS and starts with the cinematic intro THE PROPHECY.

VIKING STONE starts with a classic and squared riff and driving bass lines, while LAST MAN STANDING shows more rhythm.

If FALLEN NATIONS grows as a march and shows great solo parts, in ANGELS we can find more musicality and all sounds great.

Fresh and epic the title track while BLACK RAIN is another right shot, sounding truly 80’s, followed by epic and heavier RUN FOR YOUR LIFE and “ballad” LAND OF THE NORTHERN.

They go on with pressing SERIOUSLY and RULER OF THE SEA, before last VANHEIM ends in the best way this great platter.



1. The Prophecy

2. Viking Stone

3. Last Man Standing 04:31 Show lyrics

4. Fallen Nations 04:23 Show lyrics

5. Angels 03:47 Show lyrics

6. Northern Steel

7. Black Rain

8. Run For Your Life

9. Land of Northern

10. Seriously

11. Ruler of the Sea

12. Vanheim


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