💿 On Nov 13th will be out your album NORTHERN STEEL, well-received on our pages.

Just so you know, the release date should be 6/11 ☺️ (HRHM: sorry...our mistake!!🤟🤟)

💿 Can you tell us something' about its composition process and style?

When we sat down and started sketching on the idea to what would become the album Northern Steel, we had an feeling of make some kind of concept album. We wrote a synopsis which has since formed the basis of all texts. This text or background story can only be accessed if you buy the album. Somewhere on the cover itself is a kind of code concealed in the tree Yggdrasil that takes listeners to a hidden place on the internet where more info about the album can be found.

Musically, we have worked "covid secured" for sure, which meant that we sent ideas and sketches digitally to each other and at a later stage picked out the songs that best suited the concept idea we had for the album. We are a band with the roots from the 80´s and we have our sources of inspiration from 80's metal as well, which we really hope the listener will hear.

💿 Can you tell us something' about last two years of the band... A period rich of news for NEPTUNE.

For those who know our history, you probably know that we recorded several demos during the 80's that were never released, neither on CD, vinyl or cassette tapes. I took until 2018, almost 30 years later when a Greek record company released our demos on both vinyl and CD. We had no plan then to start up the band again, but the boy's dream was still there and we decided in any case to record some videos before the release of the compilation album Land of Northern, even though we had not played for many years... but something happened, to just stand on a small stage, turn on the lights, activate the smoke machine and start to play to our old demos got the glow inside us to light up again and not many weeks after that we stood once again in the rehearsal room and played our old songs.

After the release of the album Land of Northern, we started what would be our sequel to the album and had come so far on the first 4 songs that there was only vocal missing. But Ray Alex, our singer did not feel well but still decided to sing in a bit for us so we could hear where the songs were going. A few days later, he had a stroke in his sleep and never woke up again. These songs are now on our EP "The last flight of The Rafven". He was called Ray "Rafven" Alex.

We had a few gigs booked and to complete these, the bassist Row Alex who was our vocalists brother chose to take over the role as a vocalist. To be able to be on stage again after 30 years is a fantastic feeling and after the gigs, we decided to complete it all and record a sequel to the album Land of Northern.

💿 In your early times as musicians which artists influenced you the most? Can you tell us something' about the birth of the band?

We in the band have some scattered sources of inspiration, but bands that often come up are Judas Priest and Black Sabbath. Personally, I like to highlight bands like TNT, Pretty Maids, Dokken, Ratt and Winger. If we talk about Neptune's early inspirations, we also have bands like Iron Maiden and Manowar.

💿 How is difficult promote a new work throughout covid madness?

Releasing new material right now is tough for all bands, especially for the small ones because we are really playing on the same half of the field right now. No bands can play live, which means that the internet and magazines are full of press releases, new singles and albums nearly all the time. If you do not already have a large following, it is difficult to get through the noise, all magazines probably work around the clock so as not to miss news and they are always some who do not fit as the competition is very big right now.

💿 Here at HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL we are strong defender of classic format.. love for vintage or isn't there a future outside digital?

We really hope and believe that there is a future for vintage, both in music as well as in the physical media. It's just that all bands need to live up to it and deliver physical albums and not just digital releases. We would say that it's very important for the future and for the music survival. Digital definitely has a place and a future and is a great marketing place, but we hope and believe that the physical medium still has a place, especially now we cannot or are allowed to play live.

💿 Your new album will be out on BLACK LODGE. Can you tell us something about the partnership with them?

It is actually a collaboration between Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollutions where the latter is mainly responsible for all distribution of our CDs and vinyl's. They have also been helpful in getting information about the album to all relevant magazines which they have done really well.

💿 Can you tell us something about the great cover of new album?

If you have seen the cover of our previous album Land of Northern, you will see that we are inspired by ourselves, a figure standing in the water with a trident. Who is this figure then, well you need to listen to the album to get the whole idea but we can say as much as he is in search for a weapon that will help the old Viking tribe to win the last and final battle. The idea for the cover comes from ourselves and the synopsis. Both the front and back are photos that Anders Olsson our guitarist has taken and to achieve the finished result with got help from a very skilled graphic artist who managed to create our vision out of ours photos and ideas.

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal, hoping to see you also on the stage as soon as possible.

Well, we really hope that we can travel in 2021 and meat our fans out there once again.

Palmer Turner Overdrive

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