LABEL Dying Victims Productions

OUT March 26th, 2020


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is ready to unleash NATUR’s great second album, entitled “Afternoon Nightmare” on March 26th on cd version; One year after its vinyl release (March 20th, 2020), this album will receive its CD edition.

Eight years after their debut album, US CLASSIC HM band NATUR, which shared stages at Live Evil in London or at Muskelrock in Sweden, shows with Afternoon Nightmare once again that this band can stay rather low key in these modern times, yet deliver awesome, ancient sounding heavy metal without slipping into any clichés.

Authentic and powerful HM for all old-school fans.

Eight songs in this platter opened by the title-track which, after a majestic intro, provides classic and traditional HM, enhanced by fresh gallops and roaring bass lines.

Charismatic vocals in POISON KING, exalted by more technical passages and dynamic drums.

On the same line following THE CONTRACT where solo parts are gorgeous than ever; darker SICK OF DYING while METAL HENGE is a majestic and fancy track, both traditional and epic, that runs fast in the last slice.

MARY CROSS is another brilliant shot, followed by a short organ interlude which opens last UNSOLVED MYSTERIES which ends in the best way this great album.


01. Afternoon Nightmare

02. Poison King

03. The Contract

04. Sick Of Dying

05. Metal Henge

06. Mary Cross

07. Interlude

08.Unsolved Mysteries

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