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ALBUM Future Shock

LABEL Self-release

OUT April 16, 2021


Monarch is an HM band from San Diego, US, consisting of Matt Smith on VC/GT (NIHILIST, DAMCYAN), Casey Trask on GT(CAGE), Gabe Mendez on BG (SUPRA SUMMUS) and Adam West on DR.

Monarch has shared the stage with bands such as Death Angel and Nervosa, among others, in 2019 and they won the Wacken Metal Battle USA to guarantee a slot at the Wacken Open Air.

BLAST THE SEED is the first shot which, after a one minute intro, explodes with a complex structure, a mad thrash run enhanced by pounding and dynamic drums, roaring bass, scratching vocals and solo parts fast and technicals.

KHAOS WARRIOR starts strong, moving between thrash and more classic HM moments, while following FUTURE SHOCK shows a gorgeous solos’ explosion to remind.

In NUCLEAR WARFARE we are hitten again by the complex structure and by the solos’ series, while anthemic SHRED OR DIE! is..truly.. a kicked in the teeth..amazing!!

A bit darker the interlude MULTIVERSE which opens the technical thrash of FATAL VECTOR.

Pressing but never obvious COLLISION OF BONES, followed by SWARM OF THE WHORENET, an awesome attack that grows second after second.

METAL SOUL is the tune that ends in the best way this brilliant album that WE SUGGEST WITHOUT HESITATION!!!


1. Blast The Seed (5:16)

2. Khaos Warrior (2:51)

3. Future Shock (5:00)

4. Nuclear Warfare (4:00)

5. Shred or Die! (4:15)

6. Multiverse (3:02)

7. Fatal Vector (6:47)

8. Collision Of Bones (3:45)

9. Swarm Of The Whorenet (6:41)

10. Metal Soul (5:21)

Album Band Lineup

Matt Smith VC GT

Casey Trask GT (CAGE Official Page)

Gabe Mendez BG

Alex Pickard (BG - "Collision of Bones")

Adam West DR

Live Band Lineup

Matt Smith VC GT

Casey Trask GT

Gabe Mendez BG

Adam West DR

Asher Media Relations

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