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BAND Mindless Sinner


LABEL Pure Steel Records

OUT Nov 19th, 2021

After the debut “Turn On The Power”, the more melodic second output “Missin’ Pieces” is now also being reissued for the first time on vinyl.

A few years earlier, the Swedes simply shortened their band name down to MINDLESS and increasingly oriented themselves towards melodic Hard Rock, which is comparable to the early works of their compatriots Europe but sadly there wasn’t a commercial outcome at that time.

"Missin‘ Pieces" will be limited to 300 copies enriched by demo recordings of the album tracks from 1986.

Available on Nov 19th on PURE STEEL RECORDS.


1. Heaven Will Know

2. Rockin' In The Heat Of The Night

3. A Dream Of A Dream

4. Hold On

5. Run Away

6. Missin' Pieces

7. Caught Up In The Action

8. Reflections Of Fantasia

9. Stranger

10. End Of The Road

11. A Dream Of A Dream - Demo -86

12. Hold On - Demo -86

13. Run Away - Demo -86

14. Reflections Of Fantasia - Demo -86

15. End Of The Road - Demo -86


Christer Göransson VC

Magnus Danneblad LG

Jerker Edman LG

Christer Carlson BG

Tommy Johansson DR

Pure Steel Promotion

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