💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal MICHAEL EHRE’ ..Welcome!!

Michael: hello! Thanks for having me.

💿 On Nov 12th , 2021 will be out the first live album by THE UNITY entitled THE DEVIL YOU KNOW-LIVE, available on SPV/STEAMHAMMER and positive received on our pages. Someone may feel that it's early to bring out a live album after only three studio full-length. What's your opinion about?

Michael: Thank you for your positive review! Our last album PRIDE came out in March 2020, exactly at the day that Germany declared the lockdown. Since then we didn’t play a single show. Our first idea was to produce and release a new studio album in 2021 but it felt wrong as the PRIDE-album didn’t get the attention that it deserved in terms of playing this album live. The story was not finished for us so to say. So the record company came up with the idea of a live-album. At first I thought that it could be a bit too early after only three studio-albums. But than I thought why not? Kiss did that too! It was a lot of work to put this album together, moire work than expected to be honest! But we’re so happy and proud now, it was worth it!

💿 We appreciate your trademark style..THE UNITY are a band with a distinctive sound. What's your opinion about your singer Giambattista Manenti (ps he comes from my hometown in North Italy..). I believe that, after Ronnie Romero, is one of the most interesting voice in current HARD’N’HEAVY scene!

Michael: I´m absolutely with you! Gianba is fantastic! He has an amazing voice, beautiful ideas when it comes to find vocal lines or compose songs and he is an awesome person. We’re so glad to have him. For me he is truly one of the best in the scene!

💿 Can you tell us something about your early days as musician? Which artists or bands impressed you the most?

Michael: I started playing drums when I was 9 or 10…I can’t remember exactly…it’s too long ago, hahaha. My uncle, who is just a few years older than me, bought himself a guitar and forced me to have a band with him. I have great memories to that time. I grew up with fantastic bands like Judas Priest, Accept, DIO, Rainbow, Deep Purple and Whitesnake. I still love the old and new records!

💿 You’re a skilled musician who played in successfull bands. Among others, respecting privacy, how sorry you are about to stop activity with Primal Fear; your work in METAL COMMANDO and on I WILL BE GONE EP was amazing!

Michael: Oh, thank you!!! Yes, the PRIMAL FEAR albums are fantastic and were really successful. Unfortunately the pandemic stopped us. We had to cancel a world tour with tons of concerts. Maybe you know that one of the members in PRIMAL FEAR became ill, so even if the pandemic is over next year and we can start to tour again, I’m not sure when we can hit the stages again.

💿 How did you live this stop due to pandemic?

Michael: I´m running my own studio and I offered my drumming to musicians or bands who needed my help. I also produced some bands. This was a cool experience because I was forced to play songs that I had to learn real quick. It was sometimes really challenging as I wasn’t involved in the songwriting, but it was fun! And I´m proud of every single track I recorded.

💿 Here at HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL we are strong defender of classic format. Love for vintage or isn't there a future outside digital?

Michael: I have the fear that the digital output will reign the future…To be honest: for me those digital releases are not nearly the same as releasing a CD ora Vinyl. But I’m 50 years old…all the young musicfans grow up with Spotify and co. They don’t know how it feels to buy a record in a store, go home and listen to the music while reading in the booklet. I´m a bit scared about the future of the music industry as you don’t make money with Spotify. As soon as the physical releases die, a lot of bands will quit too.

In absence of live music many bands provided streaming concerts. What's your opinion about?

Michael: I did it with Gamma Ray last year. It was cool to play again but it was not nearly the same as playing a real concert in front of people who give you their energy. I don’t need those streaming concerts anymore. Hopefully the pandemic is over soon…

💿 You shared stages with many bands and artists.Who's the craziest?

Michael: Hahaha…good question! To be honest: working in this business is crazy! Every band and every musician is special in its or his very own way. I remember a lot of special moments with all the bands I’m involved. Not always funny but most of the time.

💿 Can you tell us something about your next projects? Time for a new full length next year?

Michael: Yes, as soon as we finished the production OF THE DEVIL YOU KNOW - LIVE we started to work on our next studio album. The plan is to release it at the end of 2022. Besides that I’m producing two bands and recording drums for bands. I’m still busy but I hope to get back on stage as soon as possible!!!

💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

Michael: I have to thank YOU!!!

(Pics 1-3 Steamhammer; Pic 4 M.E. Facebook Official)


Michael Ehré

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