BAND Mass Murder


LABEL Sliptrick Records

OUT LUT April 7th, 2020


Italian brutal death metal band Mass Murder are out with their second album entitled “Extreme Extinction”.

Extreme Extinction provides 8 songs and a leaden intro; most tracks show a short lenght around 3 mins.

The final track features the vocalist Luis Maggio (Bloodtruth, Sudden Death) as special guest.

This album is focused on “divine retribution”, where an alien higher power determines the fate of human, judging them for their sins.

Entering their minds, he is able to bring out the darkest and the most hidden sides of their consciences and forces human beings to wish for death by feeding on their fears and on their desperate pleas for mercy. However, this is only the beginning of a psychological torture which will lead to the extinction of mankind. A choice to purify planet Earth, where nowadays the measure of a man depends on his ego, thrashing him out from the excessive corruption and impurities which devour his integrity. All this is narrated in first person, describing the sinner and the pain he has to pay, altering the way of seeing things through the use of a matrix of cruelty and brutality, especially at a psychological level.

This concept will be the opening chapter to the main theme of Mass Murders next and third album which they already have planned for the future

Extreme songs, direct but also with great changes of time and prog drops.



01. No Mercy (Intro)

02. Extreme Extinction

03. Refused Fate

04. The Ancient Blade Of Suffering

05. Nourished Pain

06. Fed Up

07. Ruthless Judgment

08. Consumed By The Sin

09. Disembowelment Form Impurity (feat. Luis Maggio)


Francesco Corcio GT

Alessandro Sarni DR

Aurora Corcio BG

Aldo Gorgoglione VC


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