BAND Mädhouse

ALBUM Down 'N' Dirty

LABEL ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

OUT July 29th, 2022


It's not been a long time since Mädhouse released their previous album "Bad Habits".

Only one year later Austrian's hard rock flagship is back with their 3rd Studio album "Down´n´Dirty"!

It consisted of 12 tracks of sleazy riffs and catchy melodies, sons of 80’ s but fully anchored in the present.

They start with the title track, a scratchin and powerful sleaze song, enhanced by catchy chorus.

In HARD LUCK, 80’s keys open a song enhanced by a a squared riffing, while KISS AND TELL reminds Motley’s influences, helped by roaring bass, pounding drums and sharp riffs.

They go on with PASSIONKILLER, one of our favorite, and THIS IS HORRORWOOD, on the same way.After brilliant IN THE DOGHOUSE, YOU AND I AGAINST THE WORLD is a great ballad enriched by an inspired solo.

To remark MUCH II MUCH, followed by melodic LOVE IS BLIND and ANTIHERO that ends in the best way this great album.



1. Down´n´Dirty

2. Hard Luck

3. Kiss And Tell

4. Passionkiller

5. This Is Horrorwood

6. In The Doghouse

7. You And I Against The World

8. Kung Fu Holidays

9. Much II Much

10. Love Is Blind

11. You Can't Lead A Whore

12. Antihero


Tommy Lovelace VC

Mikky Stixx GT BV

Thommy Black GT BV

Rickey Dee BG

Casey Jean Eiszenman DR

Official Site: https://www.madhouse-official.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/madhouseband

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikkystixx_madhouse/

ROAR - rock of angels records

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