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OUT May 3rd, 2021


Seven years after their debut 'Occultation', Psych/Prog Glaswegian band LUCID SINS are ready to unleash their new album, entitled ‘Cursed!' on Totem Cat Records.

Inviting five musicians to join the band, the duo put togheter an organic 8-track album fueled liquid-fingered riffs, intoxicating keys, violins and vocal harmonies.

LUCID SINS is a project led by Ruaraidh Sanachan and Andreas Johnsson, the heads who brought an explosive freeform psychedelia to Glasgow's live scene through their first band Moon Unit.

With their Totem Cat Records debut 'Occultation' (2015) the Scottish duo drew attention to their darkness-tinged brand of 70s psych and classic rock, making a storming entrance among their proto-metal peers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Witchcraft or Dead Meadow. 'Occultation' draped itself in a stunning Alasdair Gray sleeve, which set the tone for their occult-driven ventures. In 2021, LUCID SINS return to the scene forefront with their sophomore full-length 'Cursed!'.

They starts with the retro-rock JOKER’S DANCE and the album grows song after song; after THE SERPENTINE PATH, SUN AND THE MOON shows interesting entanglements between guitar and keyboards.

THE DEVIL’S SIGN shows again the psych side but also “indie” drops; in the title track organ is starring in the first slice and in the solo shared with guitar.

Darker elements in SNAKE EYES, enriched by an inspired guitar’s solo, while in BY YOUR HAND classic hard rock elements prevail.

THE FOREST is the last ace of an album that we suggest for its variety.


LUCID SINS 'Cursed!' Lineup

Andreas Jonsson VC GT

Joe Gallagher GT

Martin « Eggy Beard » McKenna VIOLIN

Ruaraidh Sanachan GT BG KB Percussion

Sondre Berge Endegal BG

Stuart Coleman KB

Additional recording by Clark Neville


1. Joker's Dance

2. The Serpentine Path

3. Sun and the Moon

4. The Devil's Sign

5. Cursed

6. Snake Eyes

7. By Your Hand

8. The Forest

Purple Sage PR

Totem Cat Records

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