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💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal JONAS STÅLHAMMAR of BOMBS OF HADES! Welcome!

Thank you. Our pleasure.

💿 Your new Ep, PHANTOM BELL will be out on April 17th, 2020 . Can you tell us somethin'about its composition process and and style? We had the chance to listen to it in preview an we were positively impressed.

Great that you like it. Well, the two new tracks on it (Phantom Bell and Bridge of Sighs) were

written quite fast over just a few days and was the reason we wanted to do this EP.

We usually do covers when we do EP's and this time we choose to do Flower Travelin' Band and Townes Van Zandt.

💿There's a great return of format such as vinyl and cassette. What's your thinking about these classic for vintage or is it impossible a future for music outside digital?

Personally i'm very happy about vinyl being strong again.

I never really were a CD person.

Cassettes though i think is just a collectors thing.

Pretty useless in my opinion haha. And I do believe that vinyl will continue to stay strong.

💿 PHANTOM BELL will be out on BLACK LODGE. Can you tell us somethin'about relationships with them?

It's great to be working with them. Great people that i've been in touch with for years from the early days of House Of Kicks.

We always try to work with labels we are already friends with and we've done that always over the years.

💿 Inside your songs what's the role of lyrics in the composition process? Words follow music or vice versa?

The lyrics are always the last i do on a song. And for the past couple of years i've used the cut up

method that people like William Burroughs and David Bowie used a lot.

Makes it more interesting writing lyrics.

💿 How much is complicated to promote a new album at the time of a global pandemy? Are you scheduling some concerts for the second part of the year or is to too soon?

It is pretty complicated yes. We have one show scheduled in September in Stockholm and hopefully it will go on as planned.

💿 Great cover for PHANTOM BELL. Can you tell us somethin'about?

The cover is actually a photograph i took on the tourbus on At The Gates US tour with

Behemoth 2018. Tompa of At The Gates accidentally spilled some sour milk on the lounge sofa and i just took a photo of the mess.

Then looking at it afterwards it looked like a twisted weird skull so i thought it would look cool as an album cover.

Got it a bit polished up and then we used it.

💿 Thanks a lot for your time..See you soon on Hardrockheavymetal!

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