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OUT Jan 22nd, 2021


JEPP PENNACCHIO from US is a multi-instrumentalist that does indeed record every instrument himself (guitars, bass, drums, programming) ready to unleash the new EP “Setting The Stage” on Jan 22nd.

The EP explained by Jeff Pennachio:

“This EP is an important release to me as it has really allowed me to show all fans the cinematic approach I have been looking to take towards music. While being in a metal group full time, I have a specific composition structure that I use to approach all new songs. Should this EP "Setting The Stage" be a successful release, It will certainly bring clarity to wanting to compose more of this type of music for all listeners. Thematic Presentations along with a good amount of individual moving parts that can almost (possibly) be heard in a film score are an aspect of music that I want to continue to pursue. So for those who have listened through this EP, thank you very, very much, and be sure to share what you think, as I am very curious to hear.

Track by Track explanation from Jeff Pennachio:

1) Wilson Theater - This track was inspired and developed in the early stages of the cover group I was in titled The Stay. While ideas were there to develop an entire song, the parts slowly grew over time. The song was initially supposed to be composed with vocals, but the overall structure was a challenge to encompass any type of lyrical content. After about one initial month of replaying the same parts over and over, the development of this track was very clear to me in the matter of a single evening, making it very easy to compose all of the individual parts I had heard. Upon completion of this piece, this particular song was also the inspiration of the artwork of the EP. The very end of Wilson Theater became an introduction to the theme and overall song of the 2nd track on the EP, Interposition.

2) Interposition - This piece was developed from a random keyboard riff that was partially inspired by an introduction of another song from the group Quantum (which, at the time, was our keyboardists main band). I took the small riff I had developed and ran with it, composing a brand new song in a matter of just a few days. This is probably my favorite track on the EP, and although some of the parts were a little more challenging to hear, I believe this sound really brands what I was after from a compositional standpoint. Some say the main theme of this song is a reminder of Christmas music in particular, and have asked me to put together a Christmas album in the future (I certainly have not ruled this out). Upon the recently completed production of this song, it was easy to determine that this would be the single off of this brand new EP.

3) The Voyager - Somewhat similar to Interposition, this song was created from a new Keyboard part that was developed during one practice. Also similar in the development of Interposition, this track was composed entirely within just a few days. This song particularly reminded me of a finale based on what has been heard in the previous 2 tracks. The last part of this song is what inspired the track The Voyager, making it an easy one to finish strong and bring a close to this EP.

An inspired guitarist, with a flowing guitar style..interesting as a starter in waiting for a full-lenght.


1.Wilson Theater (5:29)

2.Interposition (3:34)

3.The Voyager (4:27)


Jeff Pennachio GT BG DR Orchestrations Programming

Asher Media Relations

Jeff Pennachio-Guitarist, Composer

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