BAND IronBourne


LABEL Pure Steel Records

OUT March 26th, 2021


IRONBOURNE from Ludvika in Sweden are ready to unleash new self-titled album on March 26th, 2021 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

They dedicated their lives early on to heavy metal in various bands over the years, and under the Ironbourne-flag since 2019.

Olof Geijer (guitar), Lars Andersson (bass) and Stefan Viktorsson (drums) grew up togheter and have always been inseparable.

Singer Torbjörn Andersson headed the prog band HYBRIDIA and the metal cover band DEPUTY, while

guitarist Jonas Windle joined from groups like MINEROCK and ABOMATION and is still the frontman of the THIN LIZZY tribute band FEEL DIZZY.

The sound on IRONBOURNE's self-titled debut, clearly arises from the early years of HM, when the transition from hard rock including the #NWOBHM was still noticeable.

The first shot is THE DREAMER, an old-school heavy rock track that you’ll appreciate; fancy, helped by awesome vocals and with a brilliant solo in the last slice.

Majestic and a bit darker following ELUSIVE REALITY, a classic and inspired HM gallop, while VARSEL reminds us clear influences from Dio and first WHITESNAKE; solo parts confirm to be highly interesting.

TWILIGHT GODS exalts epic components reminding again somethin’ from Dio and MANOWAR too.

They go on with TOO LATE, a track full of emphasis and that grows second after second, enriched by fancy arpeggio and dreaming vocals, and epic COVENANT.

After HIT THE WALL, we can find faster RUNAWAY, a brilliant track between hard rock and Maiden’s elements.

Awesome over eight minutes of YEAR OF THE JUDGEMENT ends in the best way this great platter, that we suggest!


1. The Dreamer

2. Elusive Reality

3. Varsel

4. Twilight Of Gods

5. Too Late

6. Covenant

7. 7. Hit The Wall

8. Runaway

9. Year Of Judgement


Torbjörn Andersson VC

Olof Geijer GT

Lars Andersson BG

Jonas Windle GT

Stefan Viktorsson DR

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