BAND Iron Jaws


LABEL Pure Steel Records

OUT May 25th, 2021


Seven years after last album GUILTY OF IGNORANCE, IRON JAWS, Hm band from North Italy, are ready to unleash the new chapter of their career, DECLARATION OF WAR, due out May 25th, 2021 via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

“Declaration Of War" is a brilliant speed Hm album, influenced by masters such as Exciter (firstly) and Overkill but, as we’ll see, with a personal touch.

In this new platter METAL CHURCH are honored with their cover for each album; namely with "Ton Of Bricks".

This album is opened by SATAN’S BRIDE, devilish speed HM song with driving bass lines and pounding drums, enhanced by a formidable solo.

SPEED METAL COMMANDO, after a drums roll, starts darker; a great squared song followed by THE BRAWL, another fast attack with devilish vocals.

They go on with THE HELL OF BOILING METAL, fast and furious with great tempo changes, followed by the more structured title track.

After the above mentioned TONE OF BRICKS, EVIL BRINGER, after a long intro, is a majestic ride, focused on more classic/epic mood, followed by IDIOTS’ PROPHET, against religious fanatism.

Darker GRANDLER’S DAMNATION, followed by more articulated B.M.W.

BACK ON THE HUNT, a great blend of rocking and speed elements, and anthemic HORNS UP FOR THE METAL end in the best way this album that we suggest without hesitation.


1. Satan's Bride

2. Speed Metal Commando

3. The Brawl

4. The Hell Of Boiling Metal (Big Trouble In Chinatown)

5. Declaration Of War

6. Tone Of Bricks

7. Evil Bringer

8. Idiots' Prophet

9. Grandier's Damnation

10. B.M.W. (Black Metal Wheels)

11. Back On The Hunt

12. Horns Up For Metal


Andrea “Mixy” Finotti VC

Roberto “Micini” Quaglia GT

Roberto “Rock ‘n’ Rob” Massasso BG

Alberto “Mauser” Accomasso GT

Marco “Mark” Morrone DR

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