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#review BAND Invictus ALBUM EDEN LABEL Iron Shield Records OUT 24/1/2020 OUR RATING 84/100 Founded in 2017 in Bavaria, the band was forged in class HM sound. A first 3-track EP was released in March 2019, followed by several gigs for well-known bands on our pages such as JAG PANZER, VISIGOTH, REFUGE & VULTURE. New tracks were written and recorded, which will now be released in January 24th, 2020 on their first full-length “EDEN”, out via IRON SHIELD RECORDS. A smart album which exalts many influences of the band: power metal, classic and traditional HM, a drop of speed, all well mixed to create a personal style. They start with THE HAMMER, after a short intro, so traditional with an interesting gallop and epic vocals, strong riffs and an inspired solo..only right ingredients for a good recipe. If next INSIDE YOUR HEAD is more lilting and with more musicality, THE GARDEN OF EDEN is more sharp. THROUGH THE STORM is more epic than ever with a great break before another inspired solo. It's back to run with THOUGH OF AN IDEA and LIVIN' IN THE FUTURE, the second one a strong tune with power metal and epic influences too. More melodic and thoughtful STYX before more squared BREAK THE CHAINS. The classic/power metal of INSOMNIA and EMPIRE, more structured, end in the best way this great platter. NO DOUBT..TO SUGGEST!! LINE UP Nicolas Peter VC Fabio Winter GT Andreas Honsberg GT Fabian Scharf BG David Knobbe DR

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