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LABEL Downfall Records

OUT 15/11/2019


Intoxicate are a well-known thrash metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden formed in 1988 .

Three demo were released until they split in 1991.

They were asked to reunite for a gig at Gothenburg Sound Festival in 2015, a tribute-festival for the bands that created “The Gothenburg Sound”.

With four out of five original members, they hit the stage again and haven’t stopped playing since then.

The band had tour in the Netherlands, played some gigs in Gothenburg with Hatesphere, Pagandom, Nightrage, among others.

In the meantime they started to write, rehearse and record “Cross Contamination” which was mixed by Anders Backelin (ex-Lord Belial) and mastered by KING DIAMOND’s guitarist Andy LaRoque.

A band which has a lot to say in this new platter, out on Nov 15th on DOWNFALL RECORDS.

CARAVAN OF HATE is the first attack of classic old-school thrash but not only, because this band is able to do many things.

Effective vocals and complex structures, solos both technical and inspired.

More squared CROSS CONTAMINATION while INERTIA shows classic thrash elements well-mixed with somethin’ more classic, also enriched by two awesome solo parts.

Sharper the riffing of CRAWLING FORWARD, with an amazing job by rhythm section.

DOORS AND CORNERS shows the wilder side of the band, while EYES UNWILLING provides again more classic metal vibes mixed with thrash elements.

POSTHOUMOUS POSTHUMAN is the longest tune of the platter and the more structured, with a great arpeggio and a prog touch.

Strong RETENTION RUMBA ends in the best way this smart album.

No doubt..TO SUGGEST!!


Mattis Grytting VC

Tommy Carlsson GT

Mattias Bolander GT

Martin Landin BG

Tomas Eriksson DR


Downfall Records


Against PR

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