BAND Insight


LABEL Australis records

OUT July 31st, 2020


Originally formed in 2016 by Daniel Poblete, who was a member of chileans bands CHEMISFERIO and RIPPER.

After the departure of both bands, he decided to join Carlos Contador with whom they began to compose themes strongly influenced by speed metal and with introspective, psychological, psychotic and depressive themes, all this sung in Spanish, this is how Marcelo Menares joined in the drums and Leslie Jiménez on bass (Hemisphere), with which they record their first demo "INSIGHT" out in 3017 via Infernakl Overkill and Street Metal Blasphemy in 2017.

After this demo, Marcelo would leave the band, Cristian Leon joining in the drums (Hellish, Hemisphere) and Javier Salgado on the guitar (Parckrest, Hellish, Hemisphere).

Already in 2019 INSIGHT enters to record its first EP titled "NEURA" which takes 5 songs created between 2017 and 2018.

This platter shows seven songs, opened and closed by instrumental intro ed outro.

We are truly hitten by the style of this band, with an amazing job made by dynamic drums and roaring bass and with complex structures, enhanced by several changes of time which keep high attention of listeners.

We can find interesting technical parts, almost neoclassic, and guitar’s solos always brilliant and they’re able to be both fast and thoughtful when it needs.

We suggest this band; Traditional Hm with many solutions and influences and we believe it’s an added value to bring our loved classic metal in the future.

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