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DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is ready to unleash the second album by INSANE, entitled VICTIMS, available on CD and vinyl LP format on DYING VICTIM.

After two EPs, three demos, one split, one compilation, and 2017’s “Evil”debut album, the speed/thrash metal from Sweden is ready fo the second full-lenght of career.

Lyrically focused on the dark world of Swedish murderers, Victims indeed evokes a darker aspect than the already-dark Evil predecessor; the harmonic dual-guitar action sends well-timed shivers down the listener’s spine.

But just like that preceding LP, here do INSANE show their mastery of epic songcraft, as the majority of the tracks again top five minutes whilst exhibiting that exhilarating rush so crucial to thrash, winding along wildly and ever so slightly touching upon more “tech” textures.

If anything, the band engage and challenge in equal measure here, feeding manna to musos and rivetheads alike. Likewise, their iteration of thrash is a multilingual one, varyingly nodding to classic Canadian and German tropes and especially those that have been budding in the wider Scandinavian region more recently and also more “back in the day.”

Ten songs in this new album; the first ace is MAXIMUM FORCE, that after a moment of waiting, starts with their speed metal, marked by tempo changes, structured riffing, fast restarts and gorgeous solo part.

They provided an own style, where Satan meets Bewitcher.

A solo’s snippet to open THE SWORD, a break and many solutions that really hit us..a blackened speed gem that leads us to CRUEL COMMAND, where Mötorhead meets speed metal; a more rockin’attitude, brilliant gallops, fast’ll understand that you never get tired!!

THE THEME-VICTIMS, the almost “title-track, is a short interlude that introduces SINISTER NIGHT, another gem that you’ll appreciate, followed by brilliant AT DAWN THEY DIE.

They go on with less fast SANITARIUM where in SKULLCRUSHER they put foot down on gas pedal.

Last two episodes are OBLIVION VOID and TORMENTED BREATH which end in the best way this brilliant album where we can’t have weaknesses.


01. Maximum Force

02. The Sword

03. Cruel Command

04. The Theme - Victims

05. Sinister Night

06. At Dawn They Die

07. Sanitarium

08. Skullcrusher

09. Oblivious Void

10. Tormented Breath


Dying Victims Productions

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