BAND Howling Giant


LABEL Self Release

OUT April 20th, 2021


Psych/Prog band HOWLING GIANT is ready to unleash new instrumental 4-track EP 'Alteration' that follows on from their widely acclaimed 'Turned To Stoned Chapter 2' split EP with Sergeant Thunderhoof (Ripple Music) and 2019 concept album 'The Space Between Worlds', also introducing new member Marshall Bolton on keys and synths.

With four songs for 29 minutes, ‘Alteration' is the unexpected outcome of numerous lockdown streams on Twitch, with each one of its four song titles being curated by the fans. "During the full band shows we ask the viewers to call out song names, then we wrote instrumental jams on the spot to match the song title. After going back and reviewing some of these jams, we decided it would be fun to actually record some of them in a more professional setting", says the band. 'Alteration' will be released on April 20th, 2021 through Bandcamp, coming together with a special livestream going live release day at 4:20pm CST at this location.


Tom Polzine GT VC

Zach Wheeler DR VC

Sebastian Baltes BG VC

Marshall Bolton KB SYNTH


1. Understudy

2. Luring Alluring Rings

3. Enemy of My Anemone

4. Farmer Maggot's Crop (feat. Mike T. Kerr)

Purple Sage PR

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