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BAND Hollow


LABEL Rockshots Records

OUT November, 26th 2021


HOLLOW Announce New Album “Tower” Out November 26th on Rockshots Records.

This is the next recording from Swedish power prog band HOLLOW, lead by Andreas Stoltz (ex-Binary Creed). Entitled “Tower”, the fourth album follows 2019’s “Between Eternities of Darkness”, which marked the band’s return after a 20-year hiatus since 1999 album “Architects of The Mind”.

Featuring 10 tracks, “Tower” is a story album best listened to as a whole, which tells a tale of transformation with its blend of progressive metal/rock, power, melodic death and thrash elements. Andreas Stoltz is accompanied by drummer Stalder Zantos who also appeared on “Between Eternities of Darkness”.

The fist shot is BIRTH, a great song with classic elements that opens the title-track, a song that grows second after second with progressive passages and alternating darker and melodic moments.

Following sharper GUARDIAN is another ace, while THE WAITING IS OVER, after a soft arpeggio and melodic vocals’ lines, shows majestic elegance.

Heavier DESTROYERS OF WORLDS and EVERY DROP OF MY BLOOD anticipate more progressive SUNRISE, where melody, breaks and thrash attack coexist perfectly.

They go on with A HOME FORGOTTEN and NATION OF MAN, another ace with various elements, while WANDER ON ends in the best way an album that we suggest without hesitation!!


1. Birth (3:45)

2. The Tower (3:25)

3. Guardian (3:49)

4. The Waiting Is Over (3:26)

5. Destroyer of Worlds (3:38)

6. Every Drop of My Blood (3:58)

7. Sunrise (3:29)

8. A Home Forgotten (3:30)

9. Nation of Man (3:42)

10. Wander On (3:39)

Rockshots Records

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