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BAND Hexed

ALBUM Pagans Rising

LABEL ViciSolum Productions

OUT Sept 30th, 2022


Swedish #Symphonic #Progressive HM band HEXED return with the 2nd album “Pagans Rising”.

Along with the powerful lead vocals of Tina Gunnarsson, this theme album shows a great songwriting mixed with strong choruses and male growl, helped by guitar melodies, chugging riffs, symphonic orchestrations and some progressive elements.

The band was formed late 2015 by experienced musicians, vocalist Tina and guitarist Stellan Gunnarsson.

Drummer Teddy Möller and Bass player Daniel Håkansson were chosen as members and Hexed released the debut single “Dreams” in 2016.

In 2017 the first EP ”Exhaling Life” came out signing a worldwide deal with ViciSolum Productions.

The positive received debut album “Netherworld” was released in 2018.

After that the band shards stages with many bands such as Leprous and Omnium Gatherum, among others. After a couple of changes in the lineup Hexed recruited a second guitarist David Nyman and the drummer Patrick Wahlberg.

A great album, maybe with some passages not entirely convincingly, where the clear female/ rough male vocals’ formula works great.

Some dark passage, great structures never obvious and a touch of melody when it needs.

A band to keep an eye on!


Palmer Turner Overdrive

ViciSolum Productions


Tina Gunnarsson – Vocals

Stellan Gunnarsson – Guitars, Vocals

Daniel Håkansson – Bass

David Nyman – Guitars

Patrick Wahlberg – Drums

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