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BAND Heavy Feather



OUT April 9th, 2021


Heavy Feather are a band from Sweden that bring gorgeous retro hard rock enriched by heavy blues vibes.

Their first album, “Debris & Rubble”, was released in 2019 and they're already back ith the upcoming release "Mountain of Sugar", out on April 9th, 2021 via THE SIGN RECORDS.

There is no lack of new bands playing retro rock but HEAVY FEATHER are able to create the perfect mix of old and new, making something personal.

Matte, Lisa, Ola & Morgan all started with the same love for the band Free with the goal to create their own version of it; mixing that bluesy rock with high volume, improvisations and rich drums and basses.

Heavy Feather are based in Stockholm and all four members come from a background of touring together with band such as Siena Root, Stace Collins and Diamond dogs.

Singer Lisa Lystam has previously made her name well-known within the Swedish blues- and roots-scene, gaining recognition with her Lisa Lystam Family Band.

WE LOVE THIS ALBUM, honestly they’re a step ahead. They have found the perfect recipe to revive the magical atmospheres of first slice of 70’s.

30 DAYS is the first shot, where driving bass lines and dynamic drums meet stunning vocals by Lisa and the gorgeous guitar’s solo.

The bluesy mood is confirmed by following and sharper BRIGHT IN MY MIND, which reminds us when Cream were changing the perception of music.

LOVE WILL COME EASY is again more bluesy, while the title-track is a more rhythmic gem, with charismatic vocals, tempo changes and solo parts by guitar and harmonica.They go on with TOO MANY TIMES, that reminds us Purple’s mood, with LET IT SHINE and its fancy arpeggio and COME WE CAN GO, a song that grows second after second.

In SOMETIMES I FEEL..we feel also US influences, in the vein of bands such as THE BLACK CROWES, enriched by a brilliant harmonica’s solo again.

More melody in LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY, while RUBBLE is another gem, a visceral experience.

ASKING IN NEED is the “ballad” the ends in the best way an album that will be one of our highlights of the year!!


Lisa Lystam VC

Matte Gustafsson GT

Ola Göransson DR

Morgan Korsmoe BG



30 Days 3:36

Bright in My Mind 3:22

Love Will Come Easy 4:01

Mountain of Sugar 2:20

Too Many Times 2:42

Let It Shine 2:47

Come We Can Go 3:38

Sometimes I Feel 3:52

Lovely Lovely Lovely 4:06

Rubble 3:09

Asking in Need 3:34

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